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The Office - Scranton shoutouts!

"Loser buys dinner at Farley's" - WOOO! I used to drink there in college. Plus, location-wise it's a pretty accurate choice (it's a block from where Paper Magic is). Also, Friday nights they have a happy hour that's basically anyone remotely close to being a professional in Scranton. (That's when I was hit on by like 53 year old lawyers... fun times)

"I'm going to the Outlet Mall" - I'm assuming they mean The Crossings? (As for "the lake" - there's tons of lakes near Scranton)

Eee! U of Scranton banner in the background of tonight's scene in the warehouse. Yes, they had a pennant hanging. Eeee! I'm almost tempted to pull mine out of the closet and hang it somewhere (if I could figure out where to PUT it) Also, was Jim wearing a U of Scranton t-shirt! Woo, looks like someone on the film crew made a stop at the bookstore!

So many shoutouts tonight! Did I miss any?
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