DJLaurieB (djlaurieb) wrote in nepapride,

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Intro Time

Hey everyone - I just moved back to NePa from the Washington DC area and thought I'd say hello. People say to me "why on EARTH would you come back here?" and I say "well, let's see, 1000 month apartments, terrorism central, traffic jams that suck away hours of my life I can never get back, politics schmolitics............." the list goes on and on.

Born and raised in Pittston, left in 1991, now I live in Duryea. Don't know if anyone here is my age or close to it, but it would be neat to find local friends.

Thanks for starting this community - I am PROUD to be from NEPA once again, and to celebrate, tonight I will be at a pit-nic eating potato pancakes and pierogies! :):)
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